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Well, anyone who has ever played a good game knows that games are not just about shooting and killing all the time. Games with campaigns have amazing storylines a lot of times. In fact better stories than a lot of movies nowadays. The phenomenon of "Video Games Turing into Stunning Movies" has also been showing its effect on Hollywood for some time. Let's talk about some of the potential reasons behind this happening along with some mention-worthy examples.

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Even if many people are playing multiplayer games right now which don't contain any storyline, the demand for single-player campaign games has not gone down in any way and one big reason behind this is the storylines behind these amazing games. Just think of it like this, you get to know the story while kind of creating it. Just amazing!! I know. Good story in games is nothing new though. From the earliest "Mario games" to newer games like " The Last of Us" and " The Witcher", it's all about stunning graphics, sounds, and action scenes along with a superhit kinda storyline in their respective period.

We all know there was a brief amount of period when campaign games were losing it due to the uprising of online multiplayer games. But with games like "The God of War", "The Ghost of Tsushima" and "Horizon Zero Dawn" coming into the market, the demand for the classic campaign games has been going up so much that so many older games of the same type are also getting their redux versions.

Hollywood has tried to create live-action movies out of video game stories a few times now such as the "Hitman: Agent 47", the many "Tomb Raider" movies along with movies like "Tekken" and "Mortal Kombat". But a lot of these movies did not live up to the expectations of both movie and video game fanatics. But if I would be brutally honest, then I can say I loved to watch those movies just because I could see the future potential of those stories.

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The true breakthrough came with the web series based on "The Witcher" video game. It became one of the most successful web series on Netflix and people have been waiting for newer seasons like nuts ever since. This was the show which opened the door for more creators to get into live-action movies based on video games for sure. Now we have already heard about the new "Uncharted movie" featuring "Tom Holland" as our fav Nate. People have already shown an enormous amount of support for the movie which is going to drop its trailer soon.

Now in the last month of 2020, we have got another surprise from Hollywood. Our very favorite "Metal Gear Solid" is also going to get a live-action movie with "Oscar Issac" as "Snake". It's already exciting to just think about it. Such great acting along with a cool storyline can do massive business all around the world.

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Although these are some of the movies based on video games which we are going to enjoy soon, there are still some of my fav games that I think can make great series and movies anytime. The games which top my list are "Battlefield 4", "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare", "Medal of Honor: Warfighter", and "The God of War" provided they give their best efforts to make these movies and not ruin these for us. A live-action movie on "The Ghost of Tsushima" won't hurt too. But we can wait for that a lil more.

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Some more games which deserve their own live-action movies right now according to me are "Serious Sam", "Crysis" and "Mass Effect". These will break every movie record out there if done correctly. Many Game nerd will agree with me in this matter for sure.

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Anyway, let's just wait for the upcoming live-action video game movies and hope that our wishes come true someday. What do you think about this article? Give your views in the comments section. Cheers!!!

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