UNKNOWN 9: AWAKENING | The Game to Look Forward to in 2021 | Fantasy Game Based in Indian Locations

The upcoming game with an Indian girl as the protagonist is going to be published in 2021 by Reflector Entertainment Limited.

The game named "Unknown 9: Awakening" is currently in its development phase which is being done by Reflector Entertainment, a game development company set in Canada. The teaser of the game has been uploaded and even though much information has not been revealed till now still some information is out.

The protagonist of the game is named "Harona" who is a little girl living a miserable life on the streets of Kolkata, India. In the trailer, the girl is seen being chased by some other kids and a man who is trying to beat her with a stick. Just as we move more into the trailer, we see the girl showing some incredible multi-dimensional skills out of nowhere. The little girl emits some kind of shock wave and somehow is able to manipulate some supernatural power which is not clear till now. In both the beginning and end of the trailer we see the girl hiding something behind a brick of a wall. Further in the story, "Harona" is going to have the help of another master like person to use her supernatural skills. What the real story is only going to be known to us after the game is released.

Unknown 9: Awakening game wallpaper.

Image Credits: Looper

The story of the game is based in India. However, this should not be confused to be a "made in India" game like "Raji: An Ancient Epic" which was designed and developed completely in India. "Unknown9: Awakening" looks absolutely stunning from the first teaser they have released till now and the game seems to have stunning visuals and graphics from all the released content. In total, the game looks promising from its first look and is set to release in 2021. Hope the predictions become true!!

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