The KFC console With Built-in Chicken Warmer | Why is it Trending?

KFC has gained a lot of its reputation selling fried chicken all over the globe and this brand is widely known even to the people in remote areas. Not limiting themselves to the food industry, the company has decided to launch this unique design of consoles which has heaters in them and as KFC said, "The chicken chamber will keep its contents hot, ready for consumption during intense gaming session".

KFC Console with Chicken Warmer

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The company also confirmed that this console is designed by a well-known hardware manufacturer and it is equipped with hardware that can run high-end games at ease. Well to be honest when KFC confirmed this prototype on Twitter, it all seemed like a marketing gimmick and something of that sort, but with the actual launch of this console, the gaming community could not help but hype about it.

The company also invited the other manufacturers like Sony and Microsoft to get in touch, if they wanted any tips to engineer a chicken chamber for their upcoming editions of gaming consoles.

Trust me if you are in a hyper intensive gaming mode then it becomes completely impossible to get up and get some food from the kitchen, at times like these, this console can make your gaming experience a lot more fun and keep you in that flow.

The brand shared a teaser over Twitter saying, “The console wars are over.”

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