"Terraria" is Not Coming to Stadia as Game Co-creator Loses Access to the Google Accounts

"Andrew Spinks", one of the creators of "Terraria", tells about not knowing why he has been locked out of his Google accounts. With this, he announced the studio will not be working on the stadia version anymore.

Terraria is not coming to stadia game wallpaper

"Andrew Spinks" talked about this from his Twitter account. His studio "Re-Logic" has been locked out of its google and youtube accounts for no real reason at all for more than three weeks without any explanation from the other side. He also talked about not violating any of the terms and conditions of the platform in this tweet of his.

He first talked about losing access to his accounts on the 16th of January and used the game's official Twitter account to inform Youtube about this. The official account of "Terraria" had a thread of tweets with Youtube's official account on 26th January only to get no real help.

"Terraria" is a 2D side scroller game which got released in 2011 for the first time. It still gets regular updates for multiple platforms. It also came to Nintendo Switch in 2019. The game is also playable on Android and IOS. The canceling of a popular game like "Terraria" on "Stadia" can be a bad thing as google has closed its all in house game development studios earlier and is now solely relying on third-party game developers and studios. This can seriously affect the image of both Stadia and Google in the game dev community.

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