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Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Sony has confirmed that it is exploring to expand its 1st party titles to the PC platform. This new step can lead to massive profitability for Sony as a significant market share for PC Game lovers were deprived of Gaming Titles which were only released to cater consoles.

More importantly this can likely mean that Sony would also port old titles such as God Of War 2018 as new releases specifically for the PC platform. In a way, this idea makes complete sense, isn't it? One of the reasons for this change as stated by the production house is that "Competition from online PC games and players from other industries is projected to expand and intensify at the same time". Its been a long-awaited decision, and a lot of gamers in the PC Segment are waiting in line with ready to spend their money on games which were earlier in console only.

Given the fact that Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn were ported to PC from their exclusive availability for PS4, this idea was not completely out of the box for Sony. Moreover, as we know that a limited quantity of PS5 was available at the pre-order page that means even pre-ordering will also not guarantee a PS5! Hence this step justifies its efforts if we look at the revenue side. Recently Microsoft has also announced both its first and third party exclusives for Xbox Series to be available for PC. Although Sony's agenda of bringing its first-party is a different approach than Microsoft because Microsoft's Xbox Play Anywhere model ensured most of the eminent gaming titles are able to run on both Xbox One and PC.

Obviously, not every exclusive will have a PC version because that will condemn the company's motto of bringing pristine quality games specifically for Sony consoles but definitely this new way of adhering the market is absolutely welcome-able both for the gaming studios as well for a huge share of gamers of PC segment.

For game lovers this was a piece of news to be celebrated cause honestly, we all have been longing to play our favourite gaming titles on our PC setups from so long. Share this news with your personal gaming communities, friends, family and don't forget to give this post a heart. Cheers!

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