Sonic Mania-Themed Set in Making by Lego: Inspired from a Fan's Creation

Finally, here it is!! A Lego set with the theme of "Sonic Mania" is going to be available to fans eventually. All thanks to a fan from UK.

Sonic Mania-Themed Set concept by Viv Grannell from the UK

Soon, there will be a Lego set with characters from the "Sonic Mania". Honestly, some fans are going crazy over this. The concept of the set is based on the "Green Hill" level of "Sonic Mania". Just see how cubicly satisfying both "Sonic and Doctor Eggman Towering Death Egg Robot" along with all the other characters look.

During the "Lego Ideas Program", the concept was submitted by "Viv Grannell", a Sonic fan from the UK. The concept is accepted by Lego as it got more than 10000 votes from many fans. Visit the actual "Lego Ideas site" to see all the pictures of Viv Grannell's tremendous concept. The concept is now in its "product developing" phase.

Lego has also created "Mario Lego Sets with sound effects" before. For now, there is no information if the "Sonic Set" will have the sound effects or not. Let's see what happens!!

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