Resident Evil is Coming to Netflix: Games are the New Plots For Spectacular Movies and Shows

After months of hardcore research and development for a showrunner, finally, Netflix has announced the eight episodes of the Resident Evil TV series to come soon. The writer/showrunner of the "Supernatural" series, Andrew Dabb will work for the series for Netflix.

Credit: Innovation -Village

Interestingly Resident Evil is the all-time favorite game of Dabb himself. Resident Evil always had a very well thought plot from the very beginning and Dabb said " I am very thrilled to narrate a new chapter in this otherwise amazing story and it will be equally exciting for the one's joining us for the first time.

The Franchise Capcom which launched Resident Evil back in 1996 has become one of the biggest video game franchises of all time. Resident Evil games sold more than 100 million copies worldwide. This Netflix series is thus expected to have a lot of audience attention to it. The series is expected to tell the story in two eras. While 14 years old Jade and Billie moves to New Racoon city, they realize that their father is hiding some shady secrets with them. And in the second, only 15 million people are left on the planet. And a whole lot of zombies (6 billion of them) have taken over, infected with T-virus.

The plot is made to thrill the audience and Dabb is expected to focus on this primarily after finishing his work with the final season of "Supernatural", which has commenced again shortly after a long shutdown.

To be honest, I am very excited to binge watch this upcoming series. What about you? Feel free to leave your opinions on popular games being made into tv shows. With the success of Witcher do you think Resident Evil will stand the ground for itself?

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