Raji: An Ancient Epic Review - Indian Mythology Decoded the Gamers' Way

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Gone are those days when only Mahabharat and Ramayan etc. were used to show the rich Indian Mythology. Looks like a new method has come to life finally.

With all these amazing "First Person and Third Person" games coming into the market we had completely forgotten that "Top-Down perspective" games can also be just as beautifully breathtaking in nature. Raji: An Ancient Epic has reinstalled that faith in us again.


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The game tells us about an insanely brave girl named Raji and her little brother Golu, both used to work in a local circus. This makes sense as Raji shows some well-implemented acrobatics and combats during the gameplay. However, when everything seems to be going fine, demonic armies attack out of nowhere leading to Raji getting separated from Golu. Raji sets out on a journey to find her baby brother and she becomes the chosen one to put the ferocious war to an end. But she needs to find, fight and defeat the greatest demon lord named Mahabalasura to make this happen. This is the basic plot of the game.

Art, Graphics, and Sound:

The video game has been praised for its beautiful art and graphics. The environment of the game simply takes you to the ancient Indian folklore. This correctly shows how a section of ancient India used to dress and how the monuments were during the timeline. Even though it does not have the unbelievably realistic graphics like some high-tech titles like "Assassin's Creed" and "The Witcher 3" etc, still its graphics acts as an asset to it. The slightly cartoonish graphics makes it visually appealing and many people with slightly lower-end devices will be able to play this legend of a game. Another significant feature of "Raji" the game is its music and sound. The music is just so Indian along with very realistic and soothing yet strong Indian accents of the characters.

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The most important part of any game is the gameplay without even a pinch of doubt. The game falls a little short in this field according to me. The combats and some acrobatics such as wall climbing and jumping might be a little not-so-fluid which by the way happens a lot with top-down perspective games. But surprisingly still the game looks ravishing and keeps you engaged with the effects when you are using your superpowers and stuff. During the gameplay, we come across many different creatures and demons, for which the developers have added impressive attack combos we can use to destroy those.

Image Credits: the game reactor

Link With Indian Mythology:

There is no doubt "Raji: An Ancient Epic" is inspired by one of the many Indian mythologies. The game includes some of the Indian Gods and Goddesses such as "Maa Durga" and "the Dashavatara" etc. The art is very much influenced by medieval Indian architecture and Pahari art and has been executed with sheer perfection.

My Verdict:

According to my experience with games, I would consider "Raji" to be a well-designed game with a little amount of flaws. However, I totally understand the game is created by a small and young team. For now, I would give the game a rating of 3 out of 5 which by the way can go up to 3.5 with the gameplay experience made a little smoother. For now, we can only hope of getting further patches which will keep on enhancing the experience with this beautiful Indian game.

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