PowerNap, an App Which Updates All Your Games While You Sleep

To be honest, after most of the games going on online platforms like Steam, many of us just don't care or sometimes even forget to update our games in our library either because we are not playing them at that particular point of time or we simply forget to do so.

For some people who never turn off their PC, Steam does the update thing for them when they are sipping their coffee but for the people who have an ON-OFF schedule it becomes very difficult to remind themselves to update the games and that is the reason most of their games has simply not been updated.

And also not every game is available on Steam there are other platforms like Origin and Uplay which people do not even open that often and hence the games which are exclusive to that platform remain un-updated for a long long time.

Updating games after a long time can be very painful because of the humongous update size and also may sometimes kill your urge to even play the game. It is a major problem that most gamers world-wide are struggling with.

PowerNap has come to rescue us by solving this issue and it aims to reduce this problem by simplifying the updating process with support across all launchers at once. It works by launching all the online platforms like Uplay etc and enabling their update process and forcefully keeping your PC ON preventing it from going to sleep until they are finished.

After the process gets over it will put your PC in sleep mode or shutdown based on our preferences. Although this is not a magical app that comes with a lot of features,but it does its job reasonably well.

One cool thing is the support for all launchers so that none of your games gets left behind and you can experience the latest gameplay that the developers have to offer.

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