Pokimane finally reveals how many users were banned from her chat

Since Pokimane is one of the biggest female streamers on Twitch, she has a fair share of problems heading her way every day when she comes live. Due to to the huge following, her chats are pretty filled up with a significant percentage of hate comments which disrupts her live stream atmosphere, being a professional stream and having streaming for a while now. She does not make a lot of fuss about it and her moderators simply ban them right away!

pokimane reveals how many users were actually banned

Recently, she decided to entertain some unban requests from viewers who were previously banned from her chat for unsocial behavior.

These unban requests were essentially her viewers apologizing for the inappropriate acts that got them banned in the first place. In the process of looking through the apology requests, she got an idea to count the total number of viewers who got banned in all her streaming career.

And surprisingly, Pokimane found that she has banned around 3,50,000! Which did not surprise her quite honestly but it definitely shook her when she found out these are the real users and not bots included. Now Damn! that is a huge number.

“There are a lot of bots. Normal users, maybe 350k,” she stated. “That’s not including bots?! That’s crazy!”She later said that number would go as high as 10 million if bots were counted. “That is absolutely buck wild,” said a flabbergasted Pokimane “Bots are 10 million-plus! What? Actually, what? Wow!”.

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