"Pac-Man: Birth of an Icon" History Book | The First-Ever Official History Book for Any Iconic Game

Updated: Jan 31

A history book on some of the most iconic games is something new to many people. This is awesome to hear quite frankly. This "Pac-Man" history book might just be the first of this kind. But this is not all there is amazing about this. Hop in to know more!!

Pacman wallpaper Birth of an icon

"Pac-Man" which is familiar to everyone out there irrespective of their experience with video games got its 40th-anniversary last year. To pay their respect to this holy occasion "Cook & Becker" will be publishing their "Pac-Man History Book" named "Pac-Man: Birth of an Icon" at around the end of 2021. We have already fallen for the idea and the aesthetics of the book. This is most probably going to be the only history lesson we would like to attend to date.

There are two versions of the book which will be available as per the details. You can either have a simple hardcover version which comes at $39 or you can go for the other insanely more awesome special edition product at $99 which comes with a sick "Pac-Man shaped slipcase". And guess what? You also get a vinyl pressing CD of “Pac-Man Fever” with this. The book is considered “The First-Ever Official History Book for the iconic video games series" written by Arjan Terpstra and Tim Lapetino.

Official Descriptions of the Book are:

This new non-fiction narrative volume will journey from creator Toru Iwatani’s “pizza slice” inspiration to the game’s incredible success in arcades and beyond. The book also dives into Pac-Man’s unprecedented impact on pop culture, with more than 40 new interviews from key players around the world, behind-the-scenes stories, documents, images, and more.

With untold stories, new details, and archival imagery, Pac-Man: Birth of an Icon showcases the franchise’s complex history from Tokyo to Chicago to Boston, unpacking the stories of video game industry stalwarts Namco and Midway Manufacturing.

"Cook and Becker" have also worked on newer successful games like "The Ghost of Tsushima" and "The Last of Us" etc. "Pac-Man: Birth of an Icon" is expected to come this summer. cheers!!!

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