Netflix Announces Tomb Raider Anime Series: The Series Will Continue the Tomb Raider Trilogy Story

Updated: Jan 31

Seem like Lara Croft is going to continue her adventures not in games but in animes from now. Netflix announced it with a tweet mentioning "Legendary" is going to work on the anime series.

Tomb Raider netflix anime series

For now, we have no idea when the series is going to be aired. But we just have the announcement information from January 27. The series had three parts which were all immensely popular for their amazing storytelling. It will be a spectacle to see Lara going on furthermore adventures and missions to unravel more mysteries.

The story of the anime will continue after the events of "Shadow of the Tomb Raider". Unfortunately, we have to wait for an uncertain amount of period for the series. till then keep playing the "Tomb Raider trilogy".

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