Mumbai Gullies : Indian Game Dev Company Promises to Bring the First Indian Open World Game For PCs

Mumbai based game development company #gameeon is set to produce the first Indian open-world game by 2022. This is one of the dream projects of the company and the CEO Nikhil Malankar himself. The Game is highly influenced by the famous game franchise named "Grand Theft Auto" aka "GTA".

Image Credits: Medium

The game as the name suggests is going to be set in today's Mumbai city. The game will have all the important landmarks and important places of Mumbai even though the city map is not going to be exactly the same as real Mumbai. A lot of questions have been asked by the Indian gaming enthusiasts where as much information has not been out yet. The game is going to have high rated AAA type graphics and visuals in it as said by the CEO on his youtube channel. They are also going to have multiple Indian regional languages used in the game such as Hindi, Marathi, and so on.

Even though India has not produced any big games ever, a shift is being seen in the Indian game development industry. "Raji: An Ancient Epic" which is an Indian game got appreciated all around the world for its amazing art and storytelling. It was also nominated for the best indie game category awards of 2020 organized by "".

To be honest, we can trust #gameeon on this matter as they have worked on various android games before and have been in the game industry for years now. They have also mentioned a long period of time of two years which is very important to produce a good game. Let's hope they produce a greatly entertaining game and make the Indian gaming industry more famous around the whole world. Till then keep playing games and keep supporting. Happy New Year to you all.

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