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Ubisoft's much-eyed game Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time has been once again delayed after already being pushed back from Jan 20th to March 18th of 2021. The developers today clarified and announced that the game needs a more time frame to get ready and finalized for deployment. This time around the gaming giant did not give any particular time frame when it is going to be released which is even more disappointing.

Prince Of Persia Remake Has Been Delayed Again
Prince Of Persia Remake Has Been Delayed Again

The publisher also announced on Twitter that " We have made the decision to shift the release from Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of TIme remake to a later date". Hope this extra time frame will give them enough hours to develop a remake that will hold up to the reputation of the legendary game, to be honest, making this better than the original.

The Twitter post has been pinned below:

As has been declared last September, Sands Of Time which was released in 2003 is being rebuilt using the publisher's Assasins Creed Engine. This engine was used considering the similar fitting landscapes and prototypes of both these games. The remake is much awaited cause it will come with a massive improvement of graphics, motion-captured animation over its predecessor. This game is the first Ubi game that is to be undertaken by the publisher's studios in India. It's definitely very disheartening news for all the game lovers in general cause we don't need to describe how much we loved Prince Of Persia and also there is no definite release date specified in the publisher's tweet. However, one thing is made official that the game will be exclusively released in Epic Games and the Ubisoft Store. Cheers!

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