Mass Effect Legendary Edition: The Remaster of the Original Trilogy

Our favorite space legend is getting a remaster in spring 2021 as requests were bombarded on #BioWare for a significant amount of period by fans all around the world.

The original #Massefffect trilogy was a huge success for BioWare. Now on this year's N7 day, they have given us a little peek into the new version of the series. All the new versions will be optimized for 4K Ultra HD visuals and will have forward compatibility for both #PS4 and #xboxone. The game will also be having extra enhancements for #PS5 and #Xboxseriesx .

But according to the officials of BioWare, it's an enhancement rather than a remaster actually. They want to keep the game as it was to not lose its true essence that was loved so deeply. So, it's going to have everything the same but with better graphics and sound.

Image Credit: EA and The Verge

For now, only this much information has been made available to the public. So looks like we are going to experience the epic space adventure again and relive our memories. Be sure to keep your gears ready.

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