Latest Videos from the "Super Nintendo World" in Japan: It's as Mesmerizing as Expected

The park was supposed to open on February 4th, 2021 in Osaka of Japan, but was postponed indefinitely as a state emergency was declared. New videos are coming from the park even though it is not open till now.

Super Nintendo World" in Japan wallpaper

The new video of the "Super Nintendo World" shows how beautiful the place actually looks and all the features it has in it such as rides and food. Some people are seen enjoying every ride and food inside the park. The park just makes every Nintendo fan run for it instantly. The park present in Osaka city of Japan was supposed to open on 4th of February 2021 which was delayed and a new date has not been given yet by "Universal Studios Japan".

This is another video on Yoshi's Adventure full-ride - Super Nintendo World.

For now, you can visit the park virtually from the video uploaded by "Universal Parks". Cheers!!

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