Latest Updates on "Mass Effect: Legendary Edition": An Ambitious Project of 2021 to Look Forward to

Before a few months in 2020, Bioware announced about the upcoming remaster of the Mass Effect trilogy named "Mass Effect: Legendary Edition". Now we have got some new updates on the matter which are just so beautiful to hear.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

All three games of the Mass Effect Trilogy were insanely popular for their excellently crafted build. Remastering all three parts can be a very difficult task to pull off considering the love for the original games amongst the fans all around the world and the quality level of today's games. As per Mac Walters, "Mass Effect: Legendary Edition" project director, “We talk about it sort of like we were restoring a beautiful, beloved car. But then it quickly turned into sure, if that car had been buried in cement, and every time you tried to clear off some of the cement you were worried about dinging the paint or ripping off a mirror.”

"Mass Effect: Legendary Edition" is going to come out on the 14th of May this year with all three remastered games packed into one. The game will be available for PC, X Box One, and also PlayStation 4. The whole pack is going to contain 40 DLCs. The story of the games is going to stay the same to keep the originality intact. "Mac Walters" also said about the extended cut about the famous ending of the game, "The extended cut was really that opportunity for us to add a little bit more love and a little bit more context around the ending".Mac also talked about the elements of the game such as, "The opportunity now to be able to go back with all of those lessons learned and with all of the advancements has been a dream for me”.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition wallpaper

In the upcoming remaster, all three games will be accessible from one single menu. Talking about the further modifications in the Edition, Walters also said, "Ultimately what this was about was bringing this forward onto the current-gen and for future generations as well, with the kind of fidelity and taking off some of the edges that people would expect with that,”

so many upgrades are going to be seen in the Legendary Edition such as insanely better graphics and visuals along with a lot of previously existing buggy textures finally fixed. Things will look more the way they should look now.

“It wasn’t that long ago that if you made a very expansive, large playbox kind of game, you could be excused for all sorts of bugs," and “They expect a lot. They expect us to do our jobs, and part of our jobs is shipping a game to quality, bug-free as much as possible.” are the words heard from "Mac Walters" in an interview about the game.

Walters has also talked about the complicacy of the project, "You can imagine that you’re gonna take about 1,000 photos near the end, and one of them’s going to work. That’s the one you ship, and it’s as close as possible. But look closely, and you start to see that someone has their eyes closed. And in the photos before and after, someone’s passed out in the background. There’s a lot of challenge there, but no excuse. I think the expectation from fans more and more is that you ship a quality game period."

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