Intel's Rocket Lake is Not Looking Exciting | Here's Why.

Intel Rocket Lake CPU was reported to run at a very high temperature of 98 degrees and juicing out 250 watts!

Intel Rocket Lake

It was also found from the sources that the chip was running at 4.8 GHz in all-core which all the information that is available in the market right now. This is considered to be the last batch of 14nm chips before Intel finally launch their 10nm lineups of Desktop CPUs.

A leak from MSI shows that the Core i9-11900K will run at 3.5Ghz at the base clock and will go to 5.1Ghz in Turbo Mode, 5.2 in Boost Max mode, and to a whopping 5.3 in Thermal Velocity Boost mode. Now considering all these specifications it is very hard to tell what is the exact clock of this CPU will be. Almost all the modern CPUs are giving these boost modes which make their clock speed and performance tremendously faster and literally there is no simple answer unlike previously to specify how fast they are!

Intel's existing Core i9 10900K is recorded to be running at 93 degrees and 235 W at severe stress tests in real-world maps. It will be quite surprising to know that Intel's Rocket lake will be touching the 100 degrees mark considering the new architecture than its predecessor Comet Lake.

Considering Intel's failure to launch up and running 10nm chips in the market these figures and speculations on Rocket Lake CPUs can be very alarming for the chip manufacturer.

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