Indian Govt is going to form center of excellence in gaming in collaboration with IIT Bombay

Updated: Mar 17

The Indian government has already advanced leaps of stages in establishing a center of excellence in gaming and other related areas collaborating with IIT Bombay. This initiative has been undertaken by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB), a wing of the government of India.

While addressing the virtual exhibition and prize declaration ceremony of “Khel Khel Mein” which is a competition organized all over Maharashtra for toy/game project design, the minister announced that the center is almost ready to launch the COE in the new session of 2021.

“The games played on mobile nowadays are violent, explicit and more importantly creates very different feelings in many ways, it also creates a complex of superiority which addicts a lot of people playing it. PUBG is just another example of it. We will not get the desired answer just by criticizing these games and applications but rather creating our own games and apps is a better way to address this problem. These indigenous games will have basic human values which will surely be adopted by the people worldwide.” - the minister stated.

The core idea for the creation of this new Centre for Excellence targeting the gaming industry and other related businesses is to give a boost to the development and design of new games in India which will promote the country’s cultural ethos. It is believed that this project will be official before the new sessions begin at IIT Bombay which is predominantly in the second half of the year.

Although it is a great initiative, to be honest, it should have been launched pretty earlier considering the huge market India has, for gaming and very limited companies developing indigenous games and related technologies. The idea of this COE is to promote and give a boost to the development of games and apps but limiting them to promote only the country’s cultural ethos is narrowing its scope. The idea should be to help establish ample infrastructure and training space for the young budding developers so that there is an awareness in people that gaming can be considered as a very good career option too. We think it is high time for India to understand that gaming as a career is not just about playing the latest titles and streaming them on social platforms but is very diverse needing network engineers, the VFX design, and many more. Well, let's hope this initiative reaches its goal and create a wave amongst youngsters to turn towards gaming as a lucrative career choice. The release of games like Raji: An Ancient Epic by India’s own Nodding Heads Games and bagging Game’s Awards in the best debut category is just a start to many more to come titles. FYI it has also been awarded by SKOAR ( a division of Digit Magazine) as the best debut indie game! If you enjoyed reading this piece of article feel free to share it with your friends and let them know about this news.

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