In My Shadow: Another Promising Indian Video Game to be Released in the First Quarter of 2021

"In My Shadow" is currently in the production phase by "Playbae Games", an Indian Game Dev organization. The game is based on the story of a girl named "Bella" and how she moves on with her life by letting go of her troubling past.

The game being developed by "Playbae Games" is going to be a puzzle adventure game. The story of the game sets inside her home as shown in the teaser. You get to use two different camera angles to move objects to cast shadows on the wall and help the character move inside the shadows by avoiding certain obstacles.

In My Shadow Game

Image Credits: Steam

In My Shadow seems like a one of a kind video game with a really captivating storyline and a lot of small levels with many interesting puzzles. There is not much information now but the game will be available in a few months. For those interested, you can go and wishlist the game on steam.

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