Google's Cloud Gaming Platform Stadia Pro Free Trial is Live: Here's How Can You Get it?

Google is now offering a trial to its Stadia Pro Cloud game streaming service absolutely free of charge, without even requiring payment prior.

Google Stadia Cloud Gaming Platform

One month free trial was launched earlier in April 2020 but it required a payment method to get started and it charged when the free trial came to an end. This led to the unpopular use of this option earlier.

According to a report from the 9to5Google, when you register for a new Stadia account you will see the screen below that allows users to start a Stadia Pro free trial at a single click without even providing any sort of payment information.

However, this trial will et you hooked up for the first 30 mins of a completely free gaming experience and after that, you will get to have opted payment information to get one month of free trial which was the regular plan as before.

The cool thing about the cloud gaming platforms is one can play games on an iPhone or iPad or pretty much a device with a screen attached to it, and that becomes very convenient, saving you a ton of investment in terms of hardware and space. Definitely recommending to go check this deal out, even for 30 mins you get to play the game that you wished for but couldn't run on your local machine due to lack of hardware resources, and even check the performance of the platform also! Cheers!

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