CD Projekt Employees Reveals, Cyberpunk 2077 Full Development Didn't Start Until Late 2016

After CD Projekt CEO Marcin Iwiński addressed the cyberpunk fans that the quality standards of the game did not meet their expectations and also asked for an apology from the gaming community. This video is pinned below.

It was a hard time for all the fans who waited almost eight years for the release but was offered a lot of bugs, glitches, and performance issues in the final launch. This definitely fired back to the company's reputation with a booming 30 percent drop in CD Projekt's shares in mid-January.

After a round of interviews with the company's workforce anonymously, it was found that there was a severe lack of motivation and planning throughout the production stage. It was also revealed that a major chunk of financial spendings was not done on the game development rather for marketing and creating hype in social media, printed media, and so on.

After this, there was a huge backlash on the company with a lot of trolls and hate being spread in large amounts especially on social media. Although CD Projekt refused to respond back and justify their position on this controversy.

The development team did not plan out this is how they will spend their new year days not enjoying! rather working even hard to provide a better gameplay with fewer bugs and glitches simply because of a lack of leadership and management. The team also faced much criticism for their lack of motivation towards developing the game but the truth came out to be completely different and quite astonishing really.

The game was able to gather a lot of blitz by presenting the lead role to actor Keanu Reeves. This is considered to be the major reason that the game sold almost 14 million copies worldwide within just 12 days of release. This revenue was so large that for a while CD Projekt became the most valuable company in Poland!

With such a huge fanbase for the game which was announced in 2012, but was not developed in full phase until 2016 as the company was busy making its last title was a big disappointment. Let's just hope such an ambitious project like Cyberpunk gets its glory with the updates and patches in the future and the hard-working developers get their fair share of appreciation for producing such a beautiful game. Cheers!

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