Battlefield 6: A Game With Never Before Seen Scale Features

EA has announced to come with Battlefield 6 in the 2021 holidays. The game is going to be set in its modern-day settings with a "Never Before Seen Scale".

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#EA and #Dice have worked together to produce some masterpiece games before like #Battlefield4 ,#Battlefield1 etc. Both of the mentioned games were smashing hits all around the world. However, Battlefield V, the latest game of the series struggled a lot to get any love from the audience.

So many complained the Battlefield V game to be extremely inconsistent, full of bugs and glitches, simply broken. The company also failed to provide some of the patches and updates as promised. Even its multiplayer setting was not free from issues. The game will be officially getting its last update soon this year to bring it to an end.

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It should be noticed that Battlefield 4 was the most loved game of the series and was set in the modern day warfare unlike Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V. By announcing the next game of the series, the officials have confirmed it's going to be set in the modern settings. The game is going to have never before seen scale features in it and will be a part of the brand's next-generation games along with some other games including a Need for Speed and so on. We can only expect that they have figured out the issues with Battlefield V and this time it won't be repeated.

Even though the new game is coming back to modern-day settings, it's still not known if it's going to be a continuation of Battlefield 4 or it will be a stand-alone installment. Only time will tell. Till then let's keep upgrading our skills with the existing ones. Cheers!!


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