Animal Crossing Makes 31 Million Sales Worldwide in Less Than 10 Months of Release

With Nintendo releasing its latest earnings report which had a plethora of good news for the company one of which was the sales of Nintendo Switch crossing over 80 million sales worldwide. The most looked after was the share of earnings that games made in the year.

The game which everyone was looking after was Animal Crossing: New Horizons and it has shown results beyond our expectations. With over 31 million worldwide sales in just 9 months after its release in March, the game has almost 39 % of total sales, the first being Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with almost 41 % sales.

The soothing landscape of the game and the chill gameplay is considered to be one of the main reason that people looked after this game. The gameplay was supposed to provide a quiet peaceful escape from all the horrible happenings in the year 2020 and of course the lockdown. It looks like the game served quite its purpose with so many sales, people really appreciated the effort the developers made.

The game crossed nearly 11 million in sales in just 12 days of its launch which is quite impressive. With these sales statistics, it is a very good signal for Nintendo. Hope they continue to launch and give a platform to such talented developers Check out our top picks to play this month by clicking here. Cheers!

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