A Spiderman: Miles Morales Review: "Insomniac Games" Delivering the Best Yet Aagain

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Miles has finally arrived at the PS5 with a bang. Spiderman PS5 is a visually stunning and amazingly fluid game that maintains the respect for the PS4 spiderman still.

spiderman swinging with different costumes.
spiderman comes to PS5 as Miles Morales

Everyone knows how good the Spiderman PS4 was, might be the best superhero game out there? Maybe. But, let's just look at this new spiderman who is not Peter Parker. The original spiderman by Insomniac came in 2018 was a grand success because of its outstanding web-slinging, out of the box fighting movements, and just a lot of bad guys. With a game that good the developers had the responsibility to produce something that at least reaches the level of the original one. But, to be honest it feels like they have done even better work this time with the Spiderman: Miles Morales PS5 game.

Spiderman PS5, miles morales and peter parker swinging together

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Spiderman PS5 starts happening just after the events of Spiderman PS4. The game opens just like that with no menu nothing. You open the game and you are in it just like that. The game starts with Miles giving a hand to some people working in the city just the way a nice person should do. Soon, he goes on to meet Peter as some bad guys were being transferred to a better prison and everything wrong starts happening when Rhino escapes. After a long fight between the Rhino and the two spidermen, peter gets injured badly whereas Miles learns about his Bio-electric venom punch and smashes Rhino to the ground. Miles still not trained successfully is left alone to protect the city as Peter leaves the city for a few weeks for some vacation. Now, the only spiderman of New York, that is our Miles Morales has to take down some criminal with high-tech weapons and armors all alone without the help of his mentor, the original spiderman from the PS4.

Image Credits: the Trusted Reviews and the Business Insider

Just like the PS4 spiderman, it also gives a huge open world to explore, swing, beat some bad guys, and do missions although it has its own storyline. The spiderman PS5 contains a lot of side quests which surprisingly don't look so boring, unlike so many other open-world games where you do side quests just for the sake of moving forward into the storyline. They have made the swinging and scenes so fluid and funny that it just looks like you might start living in the city swinging from here to there. Just go from here to there, climb and run on skyscrapers, shoot some webs, and beat em' up.

Spiderman has got his own set of powers in this one. Some are using bio-electric attacks which is introduced at the very beginning of the game. You get to use different bio-electric-powered attacks and do some serious damage. Another superpower is the cloak mode, where miles turn invisible suddenly during the combat and surprise out of nowhere. This power can be so useful in the case of stealth and silent missions. So much more we can see from the gameplay videos available such as all-new outfits and some new places included on the map.

Right now, Spiderman: Miles Morales game is available both on PS4 and PS5. From the sources available it can be seen that the game loads much faster on the PS5 and also does some more high-tech magic with the visuals and graphics etc. Playstation seems to have two modes such as "performance mode which works at 60FPS" and "fidelity mode which runs at 30fps but gives much better visuals using the Ray-tracing technology". These are not available on the PlayStation 4.

It shows how incredible the next-gen games are going to be. With all of this, I would love to get my hands on this game as soon as I can if possible. After all, why wouldn't you love being spiderman again and again?? Tell me your views in the comment section.

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