A New Indiana Jones Game is in Making: Bethesda Working on an Untitled Indiana Jones Video Game

Updated: Jan 14

Anyone who is a game digger since the coolest 90s knows this particular Game Dev Studio for many reasons. One of the best reasons is the most loved "Wolfenstein" franchise. Pick any Wolfenstein game and play, you won't regret it even in your worst nightmares. Well, Bethesda is now back with the best new year surprise ever with its announcement teaser for an untitled "Indiana Jones" game in making.

The game is going to be published under the Disney and Lucasfilm Games banner. We can already see it being a huge hit even now. The teaser shows the location of some part of the game to be in Rome.

Indiana Jones is a super hit movie franchise from the legend director "Steven Spielberg" himself. Now with a game with the same name coming there will be high expectations from "Bethesda". Adventure fantasy games of a similar type have done really well in the past. Some notable mentions will be "The Tomb Raider and Uncharted" games. The Adventure games seem to do better storytelling than games from all other genres which makes these games so intuitive for gamers.

Even though "Bethesda" has pulled off some really awesome projects in the past like the "Fallout" series, "Skyrim", "Doom" etc. besides the famous "Wolfenstein", still it's going to be a hell of a task to create a good enough "Indiana Jones" game because of the expectations it brings up with it.

For now, much information has not been out on the game except the small teaser. No one even knows what the title of the game will be. Personally, I have full faith that this is going to be an amazing game looking at the past projects by the studio and the possibilities with such an interesting script. Tell your views in the comment section.

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