"2020 GAME" Side Scroller Game is the Only Thing That Makes 2020 Look and Feel Good

2020 was the worst. There is no denying that. But what if I tell you you can see all the bad things that happened in 2020 happening in a 2D side scroller game and feel good. "2020 Game", a side scroller game by "Max Garkavyy" has done it.

2020 Side Scroller game

"2020 Game" is a free web-based side scroller game that is very creative at its core. The game starts with you going from 2019 to 2020. Then all the shitty horrible things of 2020 start happening one after another in a 2D game manner.

The 2020 in the game starts with the "Australian Bushfire" incident where you save a cute little "koala" from the fire. It took the developer 6 months to build this awesome 2D game. The game successfully reminds you of the older "Super Mario" games. The incidents occurring during the game are the "Bushfire", "Covid-19", the "quarantine period", and so much more.

2020 Game Side Scroller game

In conclusion, the game is creative, fun, free, and takes only 10 minutes to play. There is no reason to not try it to be honest. "2020 Game" is a product of hard work and deserves the attention it's getting. Be sure to check it out from the link given. ( 2020 Game )

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